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"The psychological survives, nourishes and flourishes on the past. The existential is of the now." ~ Sadhguru"


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There are a great many opinions as to what constitutes health and happiness, but it is abundantly clear that if you are not healthy, it is difficult to be happy. But if you can become happy, it’s easier to become healthy, therefore discussions cover both aspects of life. See more on our about us and disclaimer page.

Age and Time

A journey through life


Can we stay forever young?

For most people, ageing is simply a biological process and it affects all things, not just the living and humans, yet even the universe we reside in changes or ages over time.

As we age through childhood and adolescence we become stronger and are more inclined to celebrate life and have a sense of timelessness.  As we age through mid life, our awareness shifts as we settle to build a home and raise families, time becomes more important.  When this is done we begin to notice time moving faster and eventually we slow down and our bodies lose their strength before death takes us,  facts that many try to avoid.

The ageing process is perceivable, understandable and must be accepted as a natural process. However we are not without control and can decide on our own destiny.  Some individuals have lives unusually long and healthy lives so we know that a life span of up to 130 years is possible, and scientists say we can live even longer IF we lived by certain rules.

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Compulsory Vaccinations

Are they good or bad?

jonas-salkBefore discussing vaccinations, let’s remember that we human beings are made from the stuff of nature. In other words, our bodies come from the earth through the foods we eat, and everything in this universe is made of the same stuff.

Some people believe the earth and all of life was created some 6000 years ago by a benevolent God who gave us our bodies and minds without any instruction manual. But the main consensus is that we have evolved over millions of years and it is only our unique intelligence and physical dexterity which gave us some advantage over other forms of life on earth.

Yet we are clearly mammals and like all mammals we suffer from diseases, if we’re not careful we can also be eaten by other mammals, but we like to see ourselves as separate and even believe we have some control over physical creation.

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Mental illnesses

Afflictions in Consciousness

A tumblr image

A tumblr image

There is a lack of clarity as to what constitutes a mental illness, what causes mental illness and the path to recovery.  Similarly there is no clear understanding of what constitutes a healthy mind so when it comes to looking at mental illness, most of it is purely guesswork.

At the end of the day mental health is a matter of opinion because everyone is conflicted by their ideas and beliefs. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung came up with the idea of psychology and psychoanalysis, yet their understanding of the function of mind was derived by studying chronically ill people many of whom are resided in psychiatric institutions.

No one has ever attempted to develop any psychological understanding by studying completely healthy minds.

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Skin Problems

Itches and the breakdown of our body wrapping

nud-beachOur skin is known as the integumentary system, it’s the bodies largest organ which encloses the body and it includes skin, hair, nails, related muscles and glands. As well as protecting our bodies from the environment, our skin also regulates our body temperature.

There are a great many skin problems which can occur and a skin infection is distinguished from dermatitis, which is inflammation of the skin. But, a skin infection can also result in skin inflammation such as pompholyx which maybe called infective dermatitis.

To keep our skin healthy, it needs to be washed using a minimal amount of soap and any soap used must be completely removed because it can cause skin problems. Our skin also needs to breathe, therefore we need to spend some time naked every day or elsewhere clothing that allows air to circulate next to our skin.

Problems may be accidental and include:

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The Problems with Pornography

A current social issue

poolLet’s be clear, sexual activity between consenting adults is a natural, normal, healthy and essential activity for human well-being. The desire to participate in sexual activity is normal and natural for everyone and these desires usually begin with puberty.

Pornography has always existed because it is simply about people communicating their ideas about sex. Up until the invention of modern media, pornography had been confined to the world of art and there exist artworks going back tens of thousands of years depicting this expression of life.

Some people find pornography is useful because it stimulates libido, other people find it useful because the erotic imagery adds flavour to intimate relationships so we cannot say that pornography is inherently bad or evil. The real problems with pornography have arisen in the modern mass media, and in particular the Internet.

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Price of Life

What’s The Right Thing To Do?

olcpleThanks to modern medical technology we are enabling people to live longer yet many of those lives are compromised and the people whose lives have been prolonged require continual social and medical support.

This raises questions like how long should we keep people alive? In some countries voluntary euthanasia has been legalised giving people who still have their mental faculties intact can choose to move on yet all around the world there are a great many people being kept alive even though they have very little cognizance of life and that maintenance of their lives is more to do with the emotional attachments of family members.

Michael Sandel in the video below raises this issue and looks at the economic and social costs.

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Winter Cold Bites

In the EU and US

winterDuring the 1990s life expectancy continued to improve, influenza vaccinations became popular and even mandatory for some. But in recent years these vaccinations have been less effective and when combined with the decline in the economy of many northern countries, the wintertime death rates of the elderly are soaring.

According to figures released by RT, there were around 45,000 recorded deaths in the UK alone which experts have blamed on the ineffectiveness of flu vaccines.  How ever part of the problem could be that people are just living longer and the increased death rate last winter could have been a consequence of the general decline in health we are seeing world wide due to the declining nutritional quality of our foods.

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Potions with positive and negative potential


Be discerning lest you harm yourself

Women are conditioned to use cosmetics to the extent many women use them 24/7. We have day creams, night creams, cleanser creams, soaps, shampoos and detergents.  Then there are all  the actual beauty products.

Throughout modern history we have been adorning our bodies, but over the past 10,000 years, competition has seen women using lead, manure, placenta, and almost every compound has been tried to determine its effect on the appearance of our skin.

These fashion trends come and go, once it was pigeon poop, then lead and a host of toxic substances that actually caused skin to fall of and women even died. 

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The stuff of life

The water carriers

The water carriers

Most of us appreciate the value of fresh water and without it we could not survive.  The entire substance of our bodies is about 70% water, but this is more in babies who are almost 80% water and it decreases to almost 60% in older adults.

It is interesting that the surface area of the earth is also about 70% water and it plays a major role in the metabolism of our planet, but that’s another story.

Water forms part of the chemical substance of all our tissues and even our bones, it supports out health, our lives and plays many roles within our bodies including:

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Managing Yeast Infections


A symbiotic relationship unbalanced

The embarrassing and uncomfortable condition known as Candida or a vaginal thrush infection is one of the most common ailments affecting women of all ages. But it not only affects women, it can also infect men and it can be classified as an STD because it can be transmitted during sexual activity.

Yeast naturally occurs throughout the body from the

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