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"The psychological survives, nourishes and flourishes on the past. The existential is of the now." ~ Sadhguru"


There are a great many opinions as to what constitutes health and happiness, but it is abundantly clear that if you are not healthy, it is difficult to be happy. But if you can become happy, it’s easier to become healthy, therefore discussions cover both aspects of life.

Nutritional Supplements?

Yes and there are many reasons

The earth does not have all the mineral nutrients spread evenly over the surface of the planet as required by our bodies. Some areas are deficient in minerals which causes health problems for the plant and animal species that live in the area.

In New Zealand an example is Boron. In some places this mineral is absent from the soil.  Sheep on the farms in areas of boron deficiency have a high high incidence of arthritis because boron is required in the diet to help metabolise calcium. The problem was identified by veterinary science and boron was prescribed as a cure for arthritis in sheep which worked.

The health supplement industry recognized the parallels between domestic animal diseases and human diseases, and now we can purchase individual vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids to help us to maintain our good health.

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Truths About Dieting

Facts about being overweight

wkout1By MD, a counsellor in practice.

Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t!

People who have poor eating habits, or accumulated excess weight because of some distressful event in their lives, for instance, marriage break-up, having a baby, migrating to another country, an injury or illness that prevented exercise, are more likely to benefit from dieting and exercising plans.

People who are naturally overweight, have a daily healthy diet, exercise regularly, and have well developed skills for managing stress, in another words, they were made to fit size about 14 or over, will not benefit from any dieting plan.

Research shows that 95% of dieters will regain their weight within 1 or 2 years. If their diet is combined with exercise the weight regain will be slower.

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Raw Power Diet

The ultimate recovery diet

hmrJoel Wallach and Dr. Esselstyn and many others have proved that changes in diet and nutrition can actually cure diseases. As a result of their advice and other impulses, people have been experimenting with different ways of eating raw food.

Then many people remembered that when we were ill, we were given soups and broths that were filled with nutrition and easy to digests. Many people turn to fruit and vegetable juices as a way of providing the body with essential nutrients, however fruit and vegetable juice without the essential fibre can sometimes do as much harm as good.

Some of the critics of the raw vegetarian diet are that it takes an awful long time to sit down and munch through large quantities of salad. So enter the food processor:

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Healthy fats

Fats That Make Us Well

Does the continuing degradation of fatty acids in popular diets do more harm than good? Udo Erasmus discusses his concept of the ‘Right Fat Diet’ in an issue of the International Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. The key point he reminds us is that essential fatty acids give us energy, stamina and contribute to our all round health and well being.

Udo Erasmus has a Bsc in Zoology with a major in Psychology. Poisoned by pesticides, he began a journey back to health by taking an increasing interest in the field of nutrition. He has published a popular book on healthy nutrition, Fats and Oils.

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Over Weight Dilemma?

To eat or not to eat?


You can eat, just eat healthy

Shakespearean times never allowed much room for discussing eating habits, apart from differentiating manners and diet between kings and peasants, between slaves and free men.

Nearly half a millennium later, feasting appears to be more popular than ever. All kinds of food are available everywhere at accessible prices. The poor, who used to die from famine, now die from overeating and obesity related diseases.

Statistics show a 54% of over weight’s among 40 year olds or older. I don’t believe that the poor are overly better off.

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Slim for Life

Don’t conform, reform

slmmSo, you think you could lose a few inches and fit into those old pair of jeans again? First of all, you must persuade yourself that dieting is more worthwhile than buying new jeans.

The next step is to set a goal. How much do you want to lose and how much effort are prepared to put into losing weight.

Dieting can be a very demanding exercise. Heavier people tend to lose a lot of weight at the start, then they slow down as they carry on. Lighter people tend to take longer to lose weight.

Once you are on a diet, it is important to realise that one day you will stop dieting. If you slip back into old habits, you are likely to put on excess weight again. So, the best way to keep slim is to restore normal eating slowly and ensure you opt for a healthy diet.

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Eating Disorders

Reflecting a state of mind

Model images cause many to over diet

Model images cause many to over diet

Anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating can be improved in some cases by supplements or dietary regulation. Here are some clinically proven natural treatments summarised from What Doctors Don’t Tell You, Jan 1998.


Some people’s anorexia can be improved by taking zinc supplements. Studies have shown that zinc can improve the mental state of sufferers and enable them to escape the grip of anorexia.

There is a significant body of evidence linking anorexia and zinc deficiency. Anorexics have been observed to have much lower levels of zinc than is normal. (J Nat Med, 1990,1, 171-7.J Clln Psych,1989,50, 456-9).

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Perricone Diet

From and anti ageing specialist

Is there a face-lift in your fridge or is it full of the stuff that wrinkles are made of?

kcBoth Kim Cattrall and Julia Roberts place the credit for their glowing skin and slender figures at the feet of US skincare guru Dr Nicholas Perricone.  His ‘anti-wrinkle’ diet is touted as the next big thing, and for once I see merit in this particular fad.

Nutritional therapy is great – but then I would say that wouldn’t I? It can help alleviate all manner of symptoms and unsuitable dietary choices have been shown to play a major part in many illnesses.  I routinely treat everything from arthritis and IBS to migraine and sinusitis, but did you know that nutritional therapy can also be fun?  Not only can it lift your spirits but it can also rid you of your wrinkles!

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Glamour deludes

The Effects of Fashion Models on Your Diet

Real women have curves

Real women have curves

Public discussion about body shape, body weight and the influence of the garment industry and the use of very skinny models has increased over the past few years. People are now standing up and demanding that the fashionistas employ models who are more ‘normal’ in body shape and size.

While this change is happening in a small way, the fashion industry still favours that rakish look and hopefully public pressure will result in continued change. However the changes that are taking place are not yet broad enough to have any significant social impact and unfortunately millions of young women get the idea that they need to be really skinny to be sociably accepted.

Everyone needs to be able to recognise if they are grossly overweight and do something about it, but they also need the intelligence to ensure that any dietary regime does not go too far as to be excessively underweight undermines one’s health as much as obesity.

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Dieting Statistics


Don’t be scared

Yes, Yes, Yes, you can!

Statistics kept on people with eating disorders are few as those people do not report the condition unless it becomes life threatening. This means that despite the public concern that is constantly discussed in the media and by public health officials, the problem is very much under-estimated.

The average American woman is said to weigh 144

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