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"The psychological survives, nourishes and flourishes on the past. The existential is of the now." ~ Sadhguru"


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There are a great many opinions as to what constitutes health and happiness, but it is abundantly clear that if you are not healthy, it is difficult to be happy. But if you can become happy, it’s easier to become healthy, therefore discussions cover both aspects of life. See more on our about us and disclaimer page.

Surviving The Age of Super Bugs

And the failure of antibiotics

viruHealth authorities, doctors and medical institutions have been concerned for many years about the growing resistance of bacteria and viruses to the antibiotics that we have available.

Modern antibiotics are one of the primary tools of allopathic medicine in treating disease, but viruses and bacteria are adapting and we are unable to create new antibiotics to defeat them.

As our population grows and we live packed more tightly together, the risk of disease increases and when our immune system becomes weak, we become more susceptible to the bacteria and viruses which cause disease.

In nature we have this idea of the survival of the fittest. For example the Lions in Africa will hunt down and kill the weakest animals within the species that they eat. In effect by weeding out the weakest animals, the majority within a herd remains strong. We humans are not hunted often by lions, but we are a target for viruses and bacteria which use our bodies to replicate themselves.

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Substitutes for Love

And human needs


Radhe Krishna are collectively known within Hinduism as the combination of the feminine and masculine aspects of God representing the loving ideal or peak of human possibility.

Even though we think we love someone and even though we fall in love to a degree that we experience an emotional euphoria and sense of well-being, this is not really what love is.

Love is a state of pleasantness within an individual and between people, it is a state of being and not an action. It is one a of life to become love and in doing so you become a very pleasant person who people want to be with.

However we live in a world where love is becoming increasingly rare. Conflict, crime and corruption rules and the ordinary citizens of the world do what they must in order to survive which disconnects them from life. The disconnect from life creates lifestyles where love is often absent.

Marriages are often of convenience and societies exist in states of codependency instead of interdependency. Codependency is dysfunctional and causes a great deal of unhappiness, and reduces our ability to love and be loved. Interdependency bias very definition implies that a higher level of consciousness is required and it is that high level of consciousness which is able to become loving.

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Holistic Skin Care Secrets

And the art of looking good

Stretch when waking from sleep

Stretch when waking from sleep

If you’re not totally happy with your skin and want to maintain not only the health of your skin, but also have a healthy life, what’s good for your skin is good for your entire body and life. Grandparents were not always right about everything, but if they said to eat your greens, stand tall with your shoulders back and always look on the bright side of life,  they were absolutely right no matter how boring that seems.

These days there are so many pills and potions promising outrageous perfection, but since there is no law about lying, many people end up purchasing so many rubbish skincare products. There is no doubt that some skincare products are beneficial because they moisturise and nourish the skin. The because your skin is part of your living body, he requires life-sustaining nutrition. Therefore if it is safe to eat, it will be safe to put on your skin.

Therefore using natural plant-based oils that may have a little vitamin E added is fine for everyday use. To help remove scar tissue, oils like rosehip are advantageous, but the real secret to using oils is not so much the effect of the oil but rather the effect of massaging the oil into your skin.

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Remaining Sane in an Insane World

A guide for survival


We face so many challenges today, it’s simply mind-boggling to try and find any perspective. Everyone has a different opinion about what’s going on in life, especially politics, crime, poverty and what is about Muslims?

We know that life is finite and there is almost nothing that any ordinary individual can do or say that’s going to have any positive effect on the state of the world. Therefore the majority of people except that life is fate and we simply have to do the best we can to be the type of person we want to be.

Another word for fate is karma meaning ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’. The Western use of the word fate implies an inevitability that the eastern word karma offers the possibility of change. But for change to happen, anyone who finds themselves in any unpleasant situation needs to work to overcome their karma whereas fate is inevitable.

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DNA and Our Genetics

Key to our evolution and survival or demise as a species

dnaWhen we consider our history over the past few thousand years, Western science has virtually ‘only just’ discovered DNA. In their analysis, scientists because they couldn’t understand what they were dealing with were quick to label most of our DNA as junk. However if we jump back to ancient India they have known about DNA thousands of years and they use that knowledge to create a strong and healthy population.

One way of understanding DNA is that it is the blueprint for the creation and the function of our body and mind. Let’s remember that our body is a composite of all the food that we have eaten over a lifetime and it’s our DNA that orchestrates this bodybuilding activity. Similarly our mind is a collection of impressions but within our genetic code or DNA lies the master plan for the function of our minds.

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Workaholism, Leisure and Pleasure

A destroyer of life

wrkby Sam Vaknin

The official working week has been reduced to 35 hours a week in France. In most countries in the world, it is limited to 45 hours a week. The trend during the last century seems to be unequivocal: less work, more play.

Yet, what may be true for blue collar workers or state employees – is not necessarily so for white collar members of the liberal professions. It is not rare for these people – lawyers, accountants, consultants, managers, academics – to put in 80 hour weeks.

The phenomenon is so widespread and its social consequences so damaging that it has acquired the unflattering nickname workaholism, a combination of the words “work” and “alcoholism”. Family life is disrupted, intellectual horizons narrow, the consequences to the workaholic’s health are severe: fat, lack of exercise, stress – all take their lethal toll. Classified as “alpha” types, workaholics suffer three times as many heart attacks as their peers.

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Getting Massaged

And how to get the best treatment – a personal story

back_rubI love being massaged and the first few times I was rather shy and thankfully I was treated respectfully. On the few occasions I went to a male therapist I became aware that I had this unique power, and on reflection I became aware that it was not nice.

I must tell you that most guys think I am pretty hot although I think I’m rather average although if I scrubbed up I guess I’d fit quite nicely into any sexy magazine although I don’t do that. If you’re a woman you’ll probably understand that almost every guy is attracted to you in some way and it’s very easy to play on that and lead them on a little.

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Body and Self

How we see ourselves and each other.


Beauty the way God made us and the vehicle of our existence. A Hegre Art Image

We live in an age of political correctness and a great deal of confusion about who we are in for a great many reasons. Yet by and large we have come to identify ourselves as being a combination of our physical body, our mind and even spirit for those who believe or perceive.

When we think about our body self, it is really about how we perceive ourselves and how we identify ourselves. When a public official asks our identity, we give our name and governmental record number. When a non-official person asks who we are out of curiosity, we may simply give our first name and perhaps our interest or occupation.

Of course the way we dress also denotes our position in society be a class or cast depending on where you live. Now is come to the question of who we really are?

We can identify ourselves as being the physical body, but there are certain applications to this. If we think that when we were born we were very small, but as you are reading this, you are physically much larger. Medical science tells us that the cells inside our bodies are replaced anywhere between a period of weeks or 1 to 2 years.

As the cells in our bodies are regularly being replaced and every time we flew had, it is converted through the process of digestion into new body parts and energy. Therefore if we were actually the body a piece of us would die with every cell that dies and a part of us is born again with each new cell that develops.

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Who Should you Love?

Navigating life, love and marriage


These days many of us grow up with the idea that we will fall in love and live happily ever after, but if we have any awareness of the world, this idea seems increasingly fragile and even improbable. When growing up, most of our parents argued and if you are a parent, it’s likely that you also argue with your partner in front of your children which creates anxiety in children.

One of the problems not only with the idea of modern love but the very foundation of civilisation is based on ideas, not facts. Our history is incredibly brutal and corrupt. It doesn’t matter what country you live in, your political system and your economic system is based on countless generations of fraud.

Love is also a fraud in many ways because most of us are raised with unrealistic expectations and false knowledge. The primary example is that you will grow up, fall in love and live happily ever after. But this is a fairytale in the very idea of falling in love is fraught with danger.

Like so many other things in this world that were once free, love has become a commodity to be bought and sold or traded for some indefinable return. Another misfortune of modern society is that a single person has a very hard time living the entirety of his or her life as a single person because there is a strong social pressure to conform by marrying.

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What is Sexy?


A symptom of health and vitality

I know I am sexy, I love to enjoy and share my own sexiness, but it does not mean that I am being sexual or inviting sexual attention.

The consensus of many dictionaries defines sexy and sexiness as a person or a something that is considered pleasing or attractive in a sensual or sexual context. This is a

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