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"The psychological survives, nourishes and flourishes on the past. The existential is of the now." ~ Sadhguru"


There are a great many opinions as to what constitutes health and happiness, but it is abundantly clear that if you are not healthy, it is difficult to be happy. But if you can become happy, it’s easier to become healthy, therefore discussions cover both aspects of life.

Cosmetic Medicine

In search of perfection

It is a fundamental aspect of human nature that we always want more, we always want to be better be it understanding, health, knowledge, success or social status.

This is a part of who we are and all these desirable elements fall within our fundamental desire for happiness and joy. There is nothing wrong with these desires because we cannot exist without desire.

It is becoming more recognised that some 70% of all illnesses originate within our own minds and of the remaining 30%, these are pathological or chemical.

In today’s modern world, happiness is often held out like the carrot on the end of a stick that one never quite reaches even after a lifetime of struggle. Desires get squeezed and dreams of any future become very shortsighted.

The result for the majority of our population is that food quality has declined in the population is suffering like never before other than times of drought and war. Yet the world wastes almost as much food as what is concerned and yet so many go hungry.


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When it comes to our appearance, so many of us were conceived without any planning or forethought. So many children being born today, men and women fall into each other’s arms seeking solace for their suffering; what we generally refer to as a temporary pleasure.

Consequently we have an unhealthy population breeding so rapidly that in the next 30 years our population will increase to more than 9 billion people and as they are population increases, we will have to do with less.

When the population reaches 9 billion, each and every one of us will have to make do with 40% less oxygen, water, food and given the decline of modern healthcare, we can expect this to be almost non-existent for the population at large.

At present as long as we are in gainful employment, health care is almost affordable, but in today’s competitive world where the very air and water that we rely on are being monetised and our freedoms are steadily eroding, our natural desires are being suppressed.

Cosmetic medicine has become fashionable to overcome perceived shortcomings in our physiology. We undertake these procedures in order to better express our desires and to become more successful beer in the bedroom or the boardroom.

We have seen the extremes in medical cosmetic surgery on people like the late Michael Jackson and so many others, but the problem with cosmetic surgeries is that there is a failure rate between 10% and 25% as well as many fatalities.

Individuals can do a great deal for themselves through good diet, nutrition and physical exercise but for so many this is not enough or they are too impatient to wait for natural results. So like so many aspects of life, surgeries involve a calculated risk.

However modern medicine has always looked to the so-called primitive cultures and natural medicines for inspiration and in fact nature provides a wide range of compounds that benefit our health. These range from the bark of a willow tree that gave us aspirin to a wide range of compounds to help weight loss or muscle gain, to penis and breast enlargement.

Herbal medicines when compared to surgery are much safer however the results are not instant and to change bony features, surgery is required. But for penis and breast enhancement, the nutritional and exercise programs take about six months to generate the desired results.

However cosmetic medicine, be it surgery or herbal in origin is putting a band-aid on a much larger solution.  If we want to keep the human species healthy and to ensure its survival, we need more than just a band-aid.

Ancient India


Shiva and Shakti, the embodiment of physical and spiritual beauty

We know thanks to scientific evaluation that Indian astronomers knew the circumference of the Earth and the distances between our neighbouring galaxies more than 100,000 years ago. We know that 5000 years ago India had a strong influence from the eastern Mediterranean to the Pacific shores of Southeast Asia.

When the British first arrived in India they were genuinely amazed by the general, beauty, health, well-being and education of the Indian population. They achieve this through their own understanding of genetics and in keeping excellent records of family lineages or Gotra*.

Marriages were arranged by the families taking into account the genetic lineages of the couple to wed as well as their general health and disposition. In effect, this meant that the population was being managed in such a way to eliminate birth defects and health problems so that there would never be any need for cosmetic surgery and a reduced need for medicine.

This idea is so far advanced of where we are today that most scientists scoff at the idea and the majority of Indians whose culture was almost wiped out by the British had lost touch with this tradition.

If we look at our world today, the problems we face are those of our own stupidity. We are over populated and health is deteriorating. Humanity should take on board the wisdom of India before we destroy ourselves, but in the short term you can continue to use the herbs that nature provides to achieve the natural beauty and prowess that you desire.

*The term gotra means clan and broadly refers to people who are descendants in an unbroken male line from a common male ancestor or patriline.

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Exposing the breasts

For women that is..

boobs1As campaigns like free the nipple gather momentum and other campaigns for social equity and the right for both women and men to be able to go topless in public, what is the problem with breasts?

The real problem is religion and the idea that the human body is somehow sinful. This is a moral overlay on humanity. In the animal kingdom, there is no discrimination between breasts and the nose or the penis and the tail.

With the advent of Christianity which was designed for population control under the pretext of spiritual freedom, the new Christians could not accept the human body as it was. They had to put it down and decided that pleasure was somehow sinful, yet as we know pleasure is a temporary relief from suffering.

Christian society laid down concepts of morality and like Islam, religions became exclusive as with modern America. You’re either with us or against us.

In  humanity there is no ‘either or’, there are a zillion shades of grey and each one of them is valid. So really there should be no morality, everyone should be free to make up their own minds whether or not they walk naked in public or whether they cover up.

As small children, we all loved to run around naked to celebrate our bodies and the wonder of life, but from the age of three, the pressure of morality was forced upon us.  The moral laws that we live under do not support humanity in any way, but they do support those who hold power over us and in fact morality has been written into law.

The joy of the breast

Contrary to American opinion, the human breast is a source of nutrition providing the gift of life to the newborn during those first years in physical form. In all the countries of the world, there are little over a dozen of our ~200 countries that identify the female breasts as objects of sexuality, however the sexualisation of the female body is undermining the health of the global population.

As babies, most of us were suckled on the breast and we have a very warm association with our mothers and her breasts. But then we were weaned, this was often a cold turkey procedure is if we were addicted to drugs.  This left us sad and even heartbroken regardless of our gender.  But we took it on the chin and got on with life despite the fact that deep down inside us, we mourned the loss of that essential femininity and sustenance.

That loss is in part of what lies behind our appreciation of the female body and breasts in particular. This is not a gender issue because women as much as men love the sight of female breasts.  However in the light of changes in modern society, women are more likely to compare their own breasts with those of their peers.

So, should the female breasts the exposed and public?

They must be. If they are not exposed or partially exposed, newborns cannot feed and no one wants to impose that deprivation on the youngest members of our society.

By exposing their breasts publicly when temperature and environmental conditions are suited, men will become acclimatised as it were to the normal anatomy of the female body and they will be less likely to fantasise and draw false conclusions about breasts.


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Women will come to realise that there is no point in comparing because everyone is different. But the biggest concern are those corporations and marketers who use the female body to twist and coerce peoples minds through the objective desirability of the female body to associate their products with a sexualised misconception of the female form.

So women of every race and culture need to step out to save their men from stupidity, to save themselves from being victims of the corporate machine and to undermine the very power of those corporations who are using women’s bodies in a most inappropriate way to increase their profitability.

If you are a man reading this article, this is a call to see breasts as they are without the fantasy overlay of your mind. If you are a woman, you have every right to walk topless in public as every man and corporations who use your image to market their products should be boycotted.

A woman’s breasts are not a marketable commodity and they should not be objects of fascination, but rather objects of nature and respect that on a day-to-day level few people should take notice of.  The smile on the lips and the twinkle in the eye is far more important to focus on.

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Sexuality and Prostate Care

Looking at porn upsets the prostate gland

For a great many men and women, sex is a strange and twisted pleasure. When is good, life is fantastic but then it has been good few times and then not so good even more times, the fabric of perception and understanding of our sexuality gets twisted.

Our civilisation is highly sexualised. We live in a society where women’s bodies are used to sell everything and yet if a woman dares to breastfeed in public, she is sometimes criticised. This is a sad reflection on what’s going on inside our minds and one of the many symptoms of the sickness in our world.

For men, having sex and that orgasmic release of sperm is one of the greatest forms of relaxation, yet the very act of having good sex with a real partner instead one’s own hand does not always occur as often as one would like.

So we have this situation today where untold millions of men are fantasising about sex and the women (and sometimes men) that they would like to do it with.  But in our modern technological age, so many men lack the confidence to get along with women or they lack the financial resources to go and buy one for an hour.

To help grow their fantasies, there are millions of websites that have largely replaced the printed magazines displaying every aspect of pornography.

So what happens to guys who spend untold hours looking at porn?

They get sexually turned on, and in the beginning of their porn watching career, they will jerk off to relieve that pent-up stress or if they are more fortunate they will go and let it out with their spouse or lover.

However there millions of men who don’t have any significant other with whom they can have that sexual expression.  Over time their arm gets tired, but still they’re watching all this porn which is moving their body chemistry.

Even if they don’t get an erection, the testes are getting excited because they are getting the signal to begin preparation for that race for the egg, and the prostate is also gearing up to support that event which comes less often.

There is an energetic and physiological preparation happening within the male reproductive system that never seems to come to fruition, and when this is combined with a more sedentary lifestyle as with office work, all those chemicals just stagnate with the reproductive system.

When there is a rich chemical soup sitting around with no place to go, it can begin to have an adverse effect on reproductive health, and one of the first areas to be affected is the prostate which slowly enlarges.  As the prostate gland enlarges and that chemical soup thickens, this stagnancy within the reproductive system creates the ideal breeding ground for what we term as cancer.

Because this is such a sensitive subject and most men think of themselves as being invincible, there is very little discussion and research being done.  Men who want to be healthy should never look at porn, yet to keep their reproductive systems healthy, they need to have real sexual relationships.

While polygamy and polyandry exist, over most of the world, the ideal relationship is monogamy. This is important because it helps to keep track of parentage and family lineages to prevent inbreeding and genetic weakness. However it fails to address the real needs of every individual for sexual expression.

In some cultures that are today considered primitive, adolescents were free to explore their sexuality until the time they married provided of course they didn’t get pregnant.  In these cultures, even monogamous relationships were more flexible than relationships today.

So to retain the sexual health and vitality of our population, to reduce not only the reproductive health issues and decreasing fertility that our civilisation is facing, we’ll need to rethink our rights and freedoms so we all enjoy better health.

Prostate Massage

Chasing pleasure

Temporary relied from suffering


Pleasure is temporary, happiness and joy can be eternal

You may remember as a child running and playing without a care in the world. If you’ve forgotten, go and hang out with some under three-year-old’s for a while and you will remember.

After 15 to 20 years in the education system, our creativity and sense of life is usually severely blunted and we end up toiling with the idea of happiness coming with the next paycheck and even retirement. But even when the paycheck arrives there are bills to pay and in today’s world where the only financial trickle is the trickle from the Port of the wealthiest.

An particularly adverse to people being wealthy, but it it’s me that they are so stingy because it is the stinginess that means that on a daily basis, 2 billion people have no certainty of any future, whereas in the developed west, mountains of food get wasted.

In our day-to-day lives we seek out pleasure in a cup of coffee, alcohol and sometimes genuine friendships. I say sometimes genuine friendships because in today’s competitive world, our friends may be only a friend for a day before they go off for some reason.

The pleasure of coffee, smart drinks and all the caffeinated and sugared beverages. They give us a buzz for a little while but then the buzz wears off and overtime to get the same effect, we need to increase the dose.

While all food can be used as a medicine or a poison, caffeine and sugar are medicinal items they should not really be used as food because when they are used as food, they weaken our metabolism so that we are to become less effective human beings.

Alcohol to has nice effects for a little while, but again we experience the same things as sugar and coffee, and all of these things are addictive; or another way of looking at it is that these things create a compulsiveness that we need to keep on consuming them to maintain our sense of equilibrium.

What we need to be consuming more of it is organic natural foods and exercising our bodies more to keep them functioning at their peak. The in that way we will find natural pleasures without the side effects associated with compulsive behaviours and addictive products.

We also have access to a great number of more beneficial physical pleasures which can range from spending time in nature, challenging our bodies to exercise in sports or in more genteel pastimes like yoga and tai chi. When combined with good nutrition and by avoiding compulsive behaviour, these activities will sustain our lives.


The system destroying freedom to experience lasting pleasure

When it comes to passive exercise, massage is ideal. It provides many of the benefits of physical exercise and the sensuality of massage (and remember that everything including massage is sensual because we experience the world through our senses), massage can actually stimulate our sensitivity to life and therefore improve our ability to participate.

Creating pleasure on daily basis

Pleasure is important to us as eating, so if you are not finding life at all pleasurable that means it is time to make a change. Why you may feel trapped in your job, your mountain of debt and your relationships, resolving your relationship with yourself is crucial.

The desire to escape your current situation is not helpful, it is required that you come to terms with your situation and begin to create your own pleasure which is often easier done by creating pleasure for others.

Creating pleasure for others is easy, all you need to do is be pleasant, speak nicely and realise that they are probably in a similar situation to you. The political structure that directs our civilisation only affords pleasure to those who have the financial freedom. However if you can your own life and encourage others to do the same then everyone around you will be enabled to help improve social conditions.

Cooperating with each other to create a life that is not only more pleasurable but joyful and even blissful is what humankind is meant to do. At present civilisation is exclusive as it seeks to create pleasure for a few, it’s time we turn that around so that everyone’s life was joyful.

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Erotic pleasure
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Products for bedroom pleasure

What is freedom?

Ignorance is not bliss

createThis is a question that many people struggle with as typically freedom implies a lack of any restriction to follow our desires where ever they may lead. However if our desires are based on ignorance, and if those desires result in harm to self or others then eventually this will create a bondage which is the opposite of the freedom that is sought.

When you consider that we experience our world through the sensory receptors within our own bodies and that our bodies are confined to this time and place, the idea of any freedom seems almost ludicrous.

Yet we have the desire for freedom and that freedom is about many aspects of self. Physically of course we want the freedom to move about in this world, but even this freedom is limited by our ability to pay the price of travel. So even this very basic freedom is not really free because we must pay a price.

The price we pay is not always financial, but it usually involves some sort of trade-off. In order to achieve one thing, we need to forego something else. This means we must always choose and prioritise what seems most important.

We often think that we are free to choose; for example, what to eat or how to dress, or even what to think.  But these aspects are actually programmed into our minds through our social conditioning and what is referred to as karma.

So, in a sense there is no such thing as freedom and yet it is something we strive for; so is any freedom possible?

Let’s consider happiness and what gives us joy. Success in any aspect of life creates joy and happiness, and when we are happy and even though we are confined to this body and this time and place, happiness creates a sense of freedom.

The human body

All living things are created and function with a creative technology and human beings are the pinnacle of all life processes or technologies. The human being or the human body is without question the most sophisticated piece of technology on this planet.

If we give this body fresh air, clean water, good quality food and exercise, it will grow and maintain itself without any input from you. You can think of it as the vehicle for your mind or consciousness.

The other element of this body is what we call mind. What we call our mind is the collection of information that we have acquired over our lifetime. It can be compared has a computer operating system.

Unfortunately, we were born into this amazing piece of technology without any user manual. Most technological things that we purchase today all come with instruction manuals for proper use and yet what we call as a human being which is at the pinnacle of all technology came without a user’s manual.

Because there is no user manual, very few people have worked out or understood the true nature of body and mind. One person who came to understand the nature of human existence was the Buddha. Some 2700 years ago he began with the question; why is there suffering?


Women too can become as Buddha and there is a long history (herstory) of female Buddha’s.

Through his meditations, Buddha was able to go inside his own body, he could feel his heart he could feel the fluids circulating in his body, he was able to perceive the individual cells that made up his body, he was able to perceive individual cells and finally the atom. But even the atom he penetrated and he is the first person known to have named the structural parts of an atom.

We are all capable of this, but the other important aspect that he learned was what binds us. In other words what limits our freedom? He discovered that our freedom is limited by our suffering and yet our suffering is our own creation.

Our suffering comes in part through overidentification with our bodies and minds. Our suffering comes about through incorrect action and incorrect thinking that creates what many call negative karma and a fate that binds us to suffering which in turn limits our freedom.

The only real freedom is freedom from suffering and in that we have a conscious choice. The prison of our suffering is entirely our own creation and if we are to find freedom, we can do so by following the teachings of Buddha or by walking the paths of great yogis who have all described the steps we need to take to end our suffering; to find the joy in the freedom of being response-able human beings.

The Sari

Essence of femininity


The Sari is the traditional dress for women living in much of India and South East Asia. Essentially it is a long length of cloth available in a variety of colours, designs and textures.

As one of the world is more versatile garments, it can be worn as a skirt with a separate top or at can be worn as a dress in many ways. Traditionally the Sari is wound around the hips a couple of times, then around the waist and over the shoulders.

The delicacy of the garment allows a person to completely cover themselves from their neck to their ankles, or is in the image here, the midrift can be left bare which is ideal in a hot climate.

While many women wear a separate top or bra, the Sari can be arranged so that there is no need for any underwear which is really nice around the home or at informal gatherings.

The Sari can easily be turned from casual wear, to formal wear or party wear and was more they are relatively inexpensive.

In the Indian party scene, the Sari is making a comeback due to its versatility. In the westernised party scene, girls generally dress in their tiniest outfit’s but if they turn up to an event where it is inappropriate, they may have to leave or just feel out of place.

With the Sari, you can arrange it so as not to upset the morally righteous, but as soon as you get into the party you can adjust it to reveal as much skin as you want to.

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Total Curve

Total Curve Promotes Breast Health

nice boobs

Everyone knows that appearances are deceptive and you may well wear a bra to give the appearance that your breasts are uniform in size and ample to show some sex appeal.

While breasts have more to do with nurturing than with sex, with in our highly sexualised society, a nice bust is essential for any woman who wants to be successful in her work and social life.

There is a large amount of evidence that shows that wearing a bra may well be injurious to your health and even contribute to causing cancer which I am sure you what to avoid. Remember too that a bra will not stop your breasts from sagging, it is only by maintaining general good health that this risk is reduced.

Total curve is one solution that for instance can be used to enhance one smaller breast, or if your breasts are even then uses report that this product can increase your bust more than 1 cup size.

Breast cancer

Breast cancer accounts for almost ten per cent of all cancer deaths in women, that’s over half a million deaths in women world-wide, and almost one per cent of all deaths each year. Most deaths from breast cancer occur in the Western or developed countries.

These are discouraging stats. They’re made more discouraging when you consider that breast cancer is often preventable. While some cases it’s hereditary, more often than not it’s lifestyle, diet, lack of exercise, wearing a bra and other factors that play a role in determining a woman’s risk of breast cancer.

The manufacturers of Total Curve believe that the first step is self awareness of the issue is an important step in preventing breast cancer, and the second step is self care for prevention.

Breast cancer occurs most commonly in the breast’s milk ducts, or the lining that supplies the ducts with milk. Eighty per cent of breast cancers are discovered when the carrier discovers a lump on her breast. Timing is crucial to a positive outcome. The earlier it’s detected, the better the outlook for survival. Treatments for breast cancer include hormone therapy, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery; these have a high failure rate.

Statistically, an American woman has 12.5 % chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime, with a one in 35 chance of death. While genetics play a role in determining the likelihood of breast cancer, it’s a minor cause, at five per cent. The most common cause of breast cancer, by far, is lifestyle. Excessive alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise and obesity especially after menopause are leading causes of breast cancer in women.

Age is also a factor. Only five per cent of breast cancer patients are women under 40. This makes it even more important to adopt healthy living habits when you’re young. The list of breast cancer-preventing habits is extensive.


regula self massage of your breasts, eat healthy and include mushrooms drinking green tea. A recent study of over 2,000 women suggests that women who regularly ate mushrooms had a 50% lower rate of breast cancer. When combined with green tea, the risk was lowered by 90%.

In fact, make vegetables a staple of your diet, especially brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale and Brussels sprouts). Studies show that women who consume one and a half servings of brassica vegetables every day have a 42% reduced risk of developing breast cancer. Brassica vegetable consumption works inversely to breast cancer risk. The more brassicas consumed, the lower the risk.

Avoid obesity, especially after menopause. A recent study concluded that an added weight of 22 lbs after menopause increased breast cancer risk by 18%.

Alcohol and second hand smoke are also leading causes of breast cancer. Studies have conclusively found a link between women who consumed two units of alcohol each day increased their chances of developing breast cancer by 8% and increased proportionately for every additional drink. Second hand smoke, particularly in pre-menopause women, increased the likelihood of developing breast cancer later in life by an astounding 70%!

Total Curve™ is a three 3-Step Breast Enhancement Therapy with a three step process.

It provides you with

  • Essential nutrition
  • You massage on the creame and in effect massage your breast every day
  • An exercise program to develop the muscles that support your breasts.

In this way, Total Curve can help you reduce your risk. We’ve strategically placed buckwheat and watercress in our Total Curve Daily Supplement because they’re both proven to increase overall breast health in women.

What’s really encouraging though is that new medical evidence suggests that watercress is a powerful inhibitor of breast cancer. In a recent British study, scientists concluded that watercress interferes with a protein responsible for breast cancer. In fact, evidence from the study suggests that watercress simply ‘turns the breast cancer signal off’, stopping the cancer growth on the spot.
This is good news for women and another reason to let Total Curve 3-Step Breast Enhancement Therapy enhance your body with beautiful, natural and healthy breasts.

Eye secrets

Eyelid Lifter Or Surgery?

Eyeslasticity For Vibrant Young Eyes

So it’s coming true, over work and partying late is making look as if you are ageing prematurely. If you find that you are overdoing your work and social life, and that your body is beginning to suffer, eyelasticity as a solution because many people in your situation are turning to surgery in order to maintain their youthful complexion.

You could of course cut back your work and socialising, and instead stay home, meditate, eat well and have regular massages? But that’s not you at this stage of life, help is here.

Eyebag and eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty, is an increasingly popular surgical procedure that lifts droopy upper eye lids and helps to reduce the puffy bags under the eyes by removing any excess skin, improving the overall look, shape and contour of the eye.

People choose to have this kind of surgery because your eyes are the focal part of your face, they are the first thing people notice when they look at each other and if you have old looking tired, baggy eyes it can have a real impact on not only your overall attractiveness but your self-esteem and confidence. There are many contributing factors to why the condition of some people s eyes deteriorate faster than others, it can be down to ageing, sun damage, gravity, muscle weakening and even stress. This can make a person look a lot older than they really are and give off a constantly very tired appearance. This can not only affect your self-image and self-confidence but can be the source of embarrassment.

With eyelid surgery, these problems can be eradicated, but not without a price. Of course there is all the expense of a consultation (these are not always free) finding a suitable, reputable surgeon, funding the operation and the actual operation itself. These procedures are not always successful, or do not always match up with the individual s idea of how they would like their eyes to look, some people s expectations of after surgery are too high leading them to be disappointed. Others are left with pain, scarring and even sometimes loss of sensation/feeling around the eye area. There is also the recovery time to be taken into account; it can interfere with work and other day to day activities.

You can tell a lot from a person’s eyes. Their age. Their health. Sleeping patterns or if they’re stressed. The eyes really are the window to the soul. And a lot of souls are worn down.

Hey, life happens. Babies are born that demand attention (at all hours of the day and night). Jobs take their toll. Finances, relationships, the list goes on. We age in the process, and not in kind ways.

Aged eyes are old eyes. That’s not bad, it’s just what eyes do. We see it in expression lines, dark circles and puffiness. Some people look like they’ve been around block a few times, and haven’t slept in years!

The good news is that aging eyes are within your control. You can’t stop time, but you can stop what it does to your body, and see the world with vibrant young eyes.

Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy is a revolutionary skin-care formula that fights eye-aging and those tell-tale signs of life experience that betray one’s age. With the latest in medical research, Eyelasticity is specifically formulated with active ingredients that are clinically proven to:

  • reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and laugh lines
  • help to eliminate dark circles and under-eye puffiness
  • reduce puffiness and bagginess
  • fight wrinkles
  • stimulate collagen and elastin production
  • moisturize and soften the eyes

Eye-aging occurs for a number of reasons. Fatigue, allergies, lack of sleep and some medications can contribute to dark circles and under-eye bagginess. But more often than not, it’s hereditary and comes with age.

As we get older, our bodies produce less collagen and elastin. These two proteins are vital to healthy, vibrant skin. Without them, skin becomes thin and loses its elasticity. Then wrinkles appear in vulnerable places.

To make matters worse, skin around the eyes is exceptionally delicate. At 0.5 mm, it’s the thinnest skin of the body (typically 2 mm). Our blood vessels dilate as we get older and produce a blue tint. Eventually it’s visible through the skin, in the form of dark circles. The thinner the skin, the darker the circles.

And wrinkles form. Skin separates without sufficient collagen for rigidity among the dermal tissues. But there’s less elastin, so skin tears but doesn’t repair like it once did.

Eyelasticity Age Defying Eye Therapy is clinically proven to reduce eye wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. In recent clinical trials, Eyelasticity reduced puffiness in 95% of volunteers, with 70% reporting results in just 14 days. Depth of wrinkles was reduced on average by 20%, dark eye circles improved by 35%, with puffiness and bagging reduced by 32%, and collagen I production (the body’s most common form of collagen) increased by an astounding 1,190%!

Eyelasticity is strategically formulated, with an ideal concentration of ingredients to stimulate elastin and collagen production, reduce bagginess, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. Safe, effective, convenient and affordable, simply put, it’s the best way to reduce eye-aging and enjoy the young, expressive eyes that tell the world you’ll always be young at heart. Let others look old and tired. With Eyelasticity Age Defying Eye Therapy, your eyes will always be smiling!

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Self and Society

The art of conformation

We all want to fit in to particular sector of society and yet our society seems to always create hurdles for us. Some of those hurdles are to do with our appearance, our body size and shape, so how do we fit in?

As with our clothing today, many people expect that we all wear the best labels even though everyone has a different opinion. But it’s almost unconscious that we follow the fashion trends; be it clothing style, hair style or even the details of our bodies.

Due to their rising economic independence, women are stronger force in today’s society and a whole new game has evolved where sex has become a sport. Consequently she must have an adequate figure and nice breasts, well he needs to be fit and have a substantial penis although no one can really agree on what that is.

melonWe live in a world which is poisonous because there are so many chemicals in our food and water supplies which are undermining our health and ability to enjoy life. In 2012 it was reported through the United Nations that we produced enough food in the entire world sufficient to feed 18 billion people, yet strangely there were 2 billion people living in the world who were hungry and didn’t know where their next meal was coming from. Yet in the West we have an abundance of food however due to the industrial agricultural practices including GMO’s and the processing of our foods, food arrives on our plate almost devoid of nutrition and high in calories which causes ill-health and weight gain.

Not everyone has the time to shop at the farmers markets, not everyone has time to prepare meals in the healthiest way, not everyone can make time to keep themselves fit and healthy, therefore nutritional supplements are needed not only to maintain our general health, but also to live up to the expectations of the people we associate with.

Most of us living in an urban environment must resort to nutritional supplements just to stay alive and fortunately nature is generous and there are a wide range of basic nutritionals available in your local health store, but to live life to the fullest you may need to evaluate self of the best natural men’s sexual health and penis enhancement products or women’s sexual health and breast enhancement products.

If you are seeking health, vitality and a human body that is vital in every way, you can adopt a vegetarian diet and practice yoga or a similar discipline to awaken the energy within you so that you can achieve that perfect body and mind.

A state of play

The games we play

Yes, it is true human health like most other aspects of living is simply a game and the people, or at least the people who become ill are the pawns in the game. Big Pharma, the hospital’s and the entire Western medical system is not seriously concerned about eliminating disease and creating health, its aims are to prolong your health and […]