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"The psychological survives, nourishes and flourishes on the past. The existential is of the now." ~ Sadhguru"


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There are a great many opinions as to what constitutes health and happiness, but it is abundantly clear that if you are not healthy, it is difficult to be happy. But if you can become happy, it’s easier to become healthy, therefore discussions cover both aspects of life. See more on our about us and disclaimer page.

Relationships and Intimacy

The art of being genuine

cpleIf you were to ask a couple who have been married for many years what they know about their spouse, they may be able to list a few of their preferences, but if they are completely honest they will admit that they have no idea who this other person is yet they have worked out how to create an amicable life.

People form relationships from biological, personal, social and political needs. The biological need is basic, it’s simply about having sex for reproduction. At a personal level it’s about pleasure then a range of economics, politics power and control. Some people like to be controlling and some people like to be controlled so we’re not talking about any good and bad here.

However a great many people today come and relationships purely for their economic and social survival. They are expected to perform as a team in acquiring social and economic assets that they can trade within their communities. Unfortunately in today’s world, unless one has a very high paying job it’s almost impossible to acquire a home and property.

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Sex and the Human Condition

A state of confusion about how to behave

sweetguyWe only come into this world following the act of sexual copulation and it is a biological driver that helps to ensure the continuation of our species.

But in this modern age as in some ages before, there is a great deal of confusion about the act of sex and sexuality. Typically, young people will begin to fantasise about sex and if their social environment is conducive, they may experiment.

There are some modern schools who include human relationships within their curriculum is, but for the majority of young people in the world, sex and what we know about relationships is not taught beyond some simplistic biology.

Consequently, the majority of the worlds population stumble through life in confusion as well as a considerable amount of guilt when their sexual behaviour is not strictly in accordance with their community’s standards.

Because of the confusion and most adults recognition that they simply don’t know, they are more content to let their children fumble their way through that sexual abyss as they had to, and because they had to, it’s often seen as a rite of passage that teenagers must find their own way.

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Alcohol Related Harm

And how to resolve this problem



The concern of authorities in most countries and what is most talked about in the media is the harm associated with illegal drugs such as cannabis, heroin and the new synthetic drugs. The authorities in most countries have accepted that tobacco is harmful to human health and they are beginning to do something about it, yet many problems remain with alcohol.

Twenty-five to forty percent of all patients in U.S. general hospital beds (not in maternity or intensive care) are being treated for complications of alcohol-related problems and the total cost of alcohol problems is $175.9 billion a year according to the Alcohol Policy MD.

A 2009 study, applying a methodology endorsed by the World Health Organization, estimated harmful alcohol use cost New Zealand $4.9 billion in 2005/06 (Berl 2009). However, previous estimates have ranged from $735 million to $16.1 billion (Law Commission 2009, p168). Ministry of Health NZ.

There is a growing general consensus that not only does alcohol consumption cause physical health problems, it also causes many psychological problems to the point of making people stupid because it incapacitates neural networks within the brain.

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The Function and Morality of Clothing

The ways we dress and why

A Tumblr Image

A Tumblr Image

Anthropologists think that we humans began wearing clothing about 200,000 years ago as we became a distinct new species, but primarily in order to protect ourselves from the elements. It’s quite obvious that we need layers of clothing when the weather it’s cold, waterproof clothing when it rains, and when we are engaged in physical activities related to our survival, we need clothing to protect ourselves from harm.

Over these thousands of years we have moved from animal skin cloaks, through a long period of rough-sown garments and simple footwear to highly sophisticated clothing and footwear not only for protection from all manner of extreme conditions, but also to define our character, personal identity and roll in life.

There are still some societies around the world were clothing is not required and it’s worn only for special occasions. As a society they don’t have any issues with the human body and the modern invention we call morality.

In fact public nudity across the world was never an issue until the rise of the Abrahamic religions. Morals regarding the body became more of an issue under Protestantism because the Jewish, Christian and Islamic morality defined the body as sinful and shameful, and decreed that it should be kept hidden from anyone else’s gaze less they admire the body of another person or feel some primal urge or desire for sex and confusion about morality.

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Marriage; by Love or Arrangement?

What works, old or modern traditions


Tumblr image

What most people call love is a biochemical process where a person feels attracted to another person or even an idea. But marriage as a social institution is designed to provide a stable upbringing for children and the perpetuation of our species.

There are many forms of marriage with monogamy being most prevalent, but there is also polygamy and polyandry. There are also relationships where a man and impregnates a woman and then buggers off.

The Western ideal is to fall in love and live happily ever after with one’s soul mate, but this seems to very rarely happen and if it does it’s almost like winning a lottery. So what is it about love, marriage and the way we form relationships that is so important?

Our relationships are primarily for the purpose of child-rearing and these echo all the variations of many other species. A bird like the cuckoo lays its eggs in another bird’s nest and has nothing to do with the raising of its own young. In some bird species, the male takes responsibility for hatching the eggs and raising the young while the females free to mate with as many different males as she likes.

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Politics and Water

The Crises of Commerce and Supply



The process of climate change is an evolutionary process. Over the past 6000 years, the Sahara desert has continued to expand, but desert regions around the world are all expanding. And of course you must realise that what creates a desert is a lack of water.

As our population and industry continue to grow, evermore demands are being placed on a diminishing water supply. One of the features lying underneath most landmasses is that there are underground aquifers, reservoirs of water that can be accessed by well.

The well has been a feature of civilisation for many millennia, but one of the common features of all wells is that over time they need to be made deeper because the aquifer reduces in volume.

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And Compulsivity

diazipamAs a species we get addicted to so many things from money and power to sugar, sex and other behaviours, various drugs and alcohol. All of these addictions or compulsions arise through a combination of deep-seated unhappiness and improper education.

Western civilisation believes that it is built on a rational foundation, it is all about what is around us and evolving practical solutions to make our lives more pleasant. Unfortunately this patriarchal view of life where we are separate from nature is creating our undoing.

Conversely, Eastern civilisation and here I speak more of India as the world’s first and most enduring civilisation where there is a balance between outward expression and material comfort balanced against internal observation and an attempt to live as part of life.

Patriarchal society is authoritarian and divisive which leads to all manner of psychological problems whereas the eastern blend where the matriarchal or feminine and introspective element is valued actually creates a more stable civilisation with less psychological trauma.

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Strengthen Eyesight

And let there be light

Perhaps more than any other organ of perception, we rely on our eyes to define the world around us and see our way. When we look into each others eyes, we instantly know if we have an affinity giving rise to the expression that ‘our eyes are the windows to our souls’.

But like so much in our life, our eyes are taken for granted. Just think, if you want to run a race or climb a mountain you do some training but usually we accept our eyes are there and pay them no heed until such time as they begin to lose their receptivity. In other words our vision begins to fail.

Some children are born with eyesight impairments and some people find their eyesight diminishes at an early age, but the majority of us usually get into our mid to late life before spectacles are needed to assist vision. There are a multitude of reasons why eyesight diminishes or even fails, but one of the most common and overlooked reasons is neglect.

You may think that because the eyes are set back inside the head and they are sensitive to touch that there is nothing you can do to help maintain good eyesight. However like the rest of the body, the tissues that make up the eye in this mechanism is a function require good nutrition. At the very least, to maintain good eyesight you must have a good diet containing an abundance of leafy greens and especially vegetables that are yellow in colour.

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Islamic Health

All is God’s Will


Philippine Nurses in Saudi

If you happen to be travelling in an Islamic country as a welcome visitor and you need healthcare, you will find facilities as good as any western country.  The doctors and nurses will most likely have been trained somewhere like the USA, the UK or Switzerland where they have learned the best of allopathic medicine and surgical procedures.

While some of the doctors and nurses will be native to the land, most will be from overseas and there on temporary work permits, but the modern medical facilities are generally reserved for the privileged few.

One of the concerns in many Western countries is that as Islamic populations increase, in some cases they threaten to overtake the indigenous population in numbers, then they press for more administrative control which also includes healthcare and typically a lot of violence.

One of the misfortunes of Islam is that if it’s not written in one of the holy books, it is not considered important and there is nothing about health care at all. In fact a significant portion of the holy books are about jihad or the forceful occupation of the world, and the rape and execution of non-believers.

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Alzheimer’s Disease


And memory loss

Lady in Gold by mallory mishler

Alzheimer’s is described as a progressive deterioration of mental function or a generalized degeneration of the brain that can occur in in middle or old age. It is the commonest cause of premature senility and is listed officially as America’s sixth leading cause of death, but that doesn’t take into account medical

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