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"The psychological survives, nourishes and flourishes on the past. The existential is of the now." ~ Sadhguru"


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Body and Self

How we see ourselves and each other.

Beauty the way God made us and the vehicle of our existence. A Hegre Art Image

We live in an age of political correctness and a great deal of confusion about who we are in for a great many reasons. Yet by and large we have come to identify ourselves as

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The Function and Morality of Clothing

The ways we dress and why

A Tumblr Image

Anthropologists think that we humans began wearing clothing about 200,000 years ago as we became a distinct new species, but primarily in order to protect ourselves from the elements. It’s quite obvious that we need layers of clothing when the weather it’s cold, waterproof clothing when it rains, and when we are engaged in physical

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Psychology Today

Making square pegs for round holes

The pioneers of modern psychology arrived at their understanding of the human mind by studying sick people and human relationships within the spheres of basic survival and the power struggles that exist within conflicted societies.

Mind as we know it has no substance and the brain if you like is a repository of ideas and information. But there

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Why do we dream?

Active slumber

We all dream even if we don’t remember and there is no definitive answer as to why, but this question has fascinated us for aeons and oceans of ink have been consumed in penning authoritative works about dreams. Even the act sleep itself is still largely a mystery and of all things that occur in sleep, dreams are the most fascinating.

Most of

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Male Reproduction

The Human Male Reproductive System

The human male reproductive system is made up of a number of organs which are located both inside and outside of the body in the lower front pelvic region. On this page you can learn the anatomy and technical names of all your bits.

Male Reproductive System

The testes which produce sperm The penis which delivers sperm to fertilise

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The Prostate Gland

The facilitator

The prostate is a small round gland (about the size of a walnut). Found only in men, it forms part of the male reproductive system and is located directly below the bladder and wraps around the urethra.

The prostate often continues to grow beyond the age of 40-45 years with abnormal enlargement occurring in 50% of men over 60, and up

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Being Human

What is it about being human?

The dance of life

This is something that people have philosophised about since the beginning of time and it is our failure to understand ourselves that causes our suffering. If we look at ourselves in evolutionary context, our similarity to the animals and dependence on our environment, there are few differences.

The only thing that sets us apart

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Your Most Sensitive Organ

Stimulate Your Most Sensitive Organ

Spend time in nature to balance skin receptivity

Before your mind starts wandering, your skin is the most sensitive organ in your body.

The skin is the interface between us and the outside world. It is the first line of defence against microscopic invaders; and it is also a link to the physiological world within our own bodies.


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Breastfeeding And Your Baby

Give your child the best start in life

Breastfeeding is a feature of our human design whereby new born babies get the nutrition, immunity and nurturing required to carry them into a healthy adult life as nature intended. In the womb, mother and child co-exist in harmony, the mothers body programmed to meet a growing babies needs and the babies body programmed to digest mothers

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Breasts In Perspective

Baby-feeders or Sexual Objects?

Breasts, a fact of life to be accepted.

Breasts in North America are considered to be sexual organs and therefore a taboo. Going topless on beaches is not generally accepted. Breastfeeding in public is often frowned on or seen as ‘indecent exposure’. Women going top free is considered shameful and behaving immodestly.

On the other hand, the entertainment industry and the

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