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The king of fruit

Durian is banned from many shopping malls in Asia because it really does smell like shit yet it is a great delicacy all over Southeast Asia. The Durian is a large forest tree and the fruit which grow slightly larger than a football are very spiky on the outside.

While elephants eat the entire fruit including the outer shell, the real

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Juicing Miracle

Miracle Drinks Kill Cancer Cells

This MIRACLE DRINK idea has been circulating for a long time and it’s worth your while to take note, but also read the details below.

A Mr. Seto had lung cancer and he was recommended to take this drink by a Herbalist from China. He took it diligently for three months and it’s claimed his health was restored and that

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An important food in ancient times

Pomegranate tree by Captain Sugargo

A pomegranate is a fruiting deciduous shrub or tree growing to between five and eight meters tall. The pomegranate is native to the Iranian Plateau and is widely cultivated around the world and has been bred into over 400 varieties.

The pomegranate fruit has a tough outer casing and when

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Acai Berry

A traditional food re-labelled as a superfood

Acai Berry is a rainforest berry that grows on Euterpe oleracea palm trees in the Amazon basin. This dark purple berry that looks like a blueberry and has a fruity taste with a hint of chocolate. For centuries the local inhabitants have used the acai berry as a staple part of their diet, but over the last decade

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Delicious treats and essential nutrition

Eating fruit plays a major role in detoxifying our body systems as well as supplying a great deal of energy and many agree that “Fruit is the most important of all our foods.” Some species of monkeys and other mammals have a diet which is almost totally consisting of fruit, and some people fortunate enough to live in a good

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Juices and Purees

Special treats and internal cleansing

Exotic juice

Please do not confuse juices with purée!!

Juices are extracted from the fruit or vegetable, and all the pulp or fibre is discarded so you drink a large quantity of refined nutrition without the bulky fibre to support it. Purée contains the entire fruit or veggie and is the healthier option.


Extracted fruit and juices contain

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Maqui Berry

Another poor man’s food promoted as a cure all

Maqui or Chilean Wineberry is a small evergreen tree that grows 4–5 m in height in the wilderness of the Chilean Andes and adjacent regions of southern Argentina, it’s botanical name is Aristotelia chilensis, a species of the Elaeocarpaceae family. Maqui is sparsely cultivated and most maqui on the market is harvested by the rural poor

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