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"The psychological survives, nourishes and flourishes on the past. The existential is of the now." ~ Sadhguru"


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Remaining Sane in an Insane World

A guide for survival

We face so many challenges today, it’s simply mind-boggling to try and find any perspective. Everyone has a different opinion about what’s going on in life, especially politics, crime, poverty and what is about Muslims?

We know that life is finite and there is almost nothing that any ordinary individual can do or say that’s going to have any positive

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Doctors are Dying

From unnatural causes

Some of the unnaturally deceased doctors

In his books and talks, Dr. Joel Wallach describes how doctors on average live a slightly shorter life than the average person. This is simply because the diets and lifestyles of doctors are underpar and they are not properly educated in regard to diet and the nature of being human.

However in the United States,

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And does it affect one’s health?

The term “Islamophobia” is defined as “an unfounded hostility towards Islam and Muslims.”

There is another quote “as we think, so we become.” This means that whatever we think and whatever we believe will have some consequences. For instance, the person who thinks that they are unworthy is unlikely to become successful in life. Yet the person who believes

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A common infection

Threadworms are common but not usually serious

Threadworms thrive in many communities worldwide and are the most common of the parasitic worms, they are considered fairly harmless and are most commonly found in children although anyone can get infected, but they are not caused through bad hygiene.

In the USA they is known as pinworms, (genus Enterobius), in the UK as

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Pubic Lice or Crabs

Make you itch and scratch

Also known by their Latin name ‘ediculosis pubis’, crab lice are very tiny insects that infest the pubic hair and survive by feeding on human blood. These parasites are most often spread by sexual contact; but in some cases, they may be picked up through contact with infested bedding, couches, clothing and even toilet seats.


The primary symptom of

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