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"The psychological survives, nourishes and flourishes on the past. The existential is of the now." ~ Sadhguru"


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Sex Positions For Female Orgasm

Physical technology for better loving

Sex positions image courtesy of Freevector

Orgasm for men and women is a peak of sexual pleasure that engenders a sense of well-being and connectedness with one’s sexual partner. But according to recent sex surveys, only about 20% of women reach orgasm during intercourse on a regular basis, some say they can climax from time to

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Sex Education

One of the many failures of modern civilisation

For most of us, our parents lives were less than perfect. Like all children, at some point during those formative years, the opposite sex became attractive giving rise to sexual feelings without necessarily having any intellectual appreciation of what was happening.

The transition from childhood through adolescence can be a biochemical nightmare for a great many children.

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Rape Culture

A loss of humanity

A 2010 jeans commercial giving boys wrong ideas that girls are their toys

Around the world every day and even as you read this, it’s mostly women that are being raped. In case you don’t know, rape is the forcing of someone to engage in the act of sexual intercourse, but rape can also be the desecration of any person

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The Healing Power of Orgasm

Fact or fiction?

There is no general consensus as to the reason we orgasm or any agreement as to what it actually does. We know that it floods the body with some feelgood chemicals and that it’s a deeper sexual experience which helps to facilitate social bonds.

There is some debate as to whether or not the male ejaculation counts as an orgasm or if

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What About Virginity?

A misunderstood aspect of our humanity

Religious morality dictates that young men and women should abstain from sexual contact until after they are married, and this is an issue going way back in history because the husband always wanted to know that only he was the father of of any children produced.

But the idea of virginity has changed over the centuries. If we go

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Support to regulate your periods or periods, ease menopausal symptoms and improve your Libido

Always ready

While life changes and medications often affect sexual desire, a diminishing sex drive may also be a symptom of a developing health problem or stress.

It is well known that excessive stress dulls sex, and a diminished sex drive is often an initial stress symptom along with vaginal

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Tantra defined

Path To Enlightenment or Sexual Freedom?

A Tumblr image

Tantra for most people is seen as something vague and mysterious from the East, so what are the origins of Tantra?

No one is sure exactly when tantra first appeared on the world stage. It seems probable that it was introduced about the same time as the first yoga teachings were given some 15,000 years

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Creating the passion for pleasure

An aphrodisiac is anything that increases sexual desire.

So literally an aphrodisiac can be a food, a drug, a nutritional supplement, a drink, an image, music or even an idea because the mind plays an important role in facilitating one’s love life and bolstering libido.

Aphrodisiacs are either used to bolster a flagging libido, or to seek out extreme heights

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Tantric Massage

Cultivating real intimacy

A good tantra massage includes the entire body and it is most therapeutic when both giver and receiver are naked.

Tantric (or Tantrik) massage is perhaps best described as a ‘new age phenomenon’. In practice it is an extension of sensual massage designed to harmonize all aspects of an individuals body consciousness including sexual energy.

While many puritans see this

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Nuru massage

Pure decadence

Nuru massage can be seen as a rather exotic Asian delicacy because this is where the massage originates. In some ways it is an extension of the world famous ‘rub and tug’ massage, but there is more to it than that.

Nuru is an erotic style of massage designed to get the client as highly aroused as possible and then have sex. The

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