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"The psychological survives, nourishes and flourishes on the past. The existential is of the now." ~ Sadhguru"


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The Healing Power of Orgasm

Fact or fiction?

There is no general consensus as to the reason we orgasm or any agreement as to what it actually does. We know that it floods the body with some feelgood chemicals and that it’s a deeper sexual experience which helps to facilitate social bonds.

There is some debate as to whether or not the male ejaculation counts as an orgasm or if

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What About Virginity?

A misunderstood aspect of our humanity

Religious morality dictates that young men and women should abstain from sexual contact until after they are married, and this is an issue going way back in history because the husband always wanted to know that only he was the father of of any children produced.

But the idea of virginity has changed over the centuries. If we go

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How’s Your Testosterone?

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Hey guys, are you finding it more challenging to get up in the morning? Do you prefer to stay home in front of the TV and instead of socialising? Is your libido waning a little? Or are you losing focus with your business and other important things in your life?

When we consider the range of possible causes for the issues

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The Problems with Pornography

A current social issue

Let’s be clear, sexual activity between consenting adults is a natural, normal, healthy and essential activity for human well-being. The desire to participate in sexual activity is normal and natural for everyone and these desires usually begin with puberty.

Pornography has always existed because it is simply about people communicating their ideas about sex. Up until the invention of modern

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Banning Prostitution

Would it make women safer?

From time to time various groups of people within society speak out against the world’s oldest profession. While most intelligent people recognise that what is referred to as prostitution caters for a very real human need and the trade makes up a significant part of the economy.

But before we continue, let’s clarify some terms as there are millions

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Wet Dreams

Nocturnal emissions

Wet Dreams are generally defined as erotic dreams that culminate in orgasm and/or ejaculation for boys. They are a normal part of life and experienced by almost every boy growing through puberty and may continue through adulthood, girls have similar experiences.

It is generally believed that most all teenagers and young adults have wet dreams from time to time and this is a

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Men’s health awareness month

It is estimated that the lifetime risk for black men of dying of prostate cancer at approximately one in 12, the risk for white men is estimated to be about one in 24 and one in 44 for Asian men.

After lung cancer, prostate cancer is the second-leading killer cancer among men, with more than 240,000 new diagnoses and 28,000 deaths

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Treating Prostate Cancer

A male terror

Prostate cancers progress

The prostate is a muscular gland somewhat bigger than a walnut that adds seminal fluid to the sperm before it is expelled during ejaculation – is the second leading site for cancer in men.

This condition typically affects men in the 40 – 60 year age group. It is suspected that the cause in

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Wet dreams when married

Oh what will she think?

Life maybe is sweet, you and your partner have regular sex, but one night it happens. It matters not so much what the sex was like or who with, it’s just that your PJ’s or sheets are wet and what will she think?

When you are sleeping beside your beloved and wet or erotic dreams occur, can you make it

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A rape game

You may have heard brief mention of this on your local TV news and quickly shut out from your mind. This is a game played by poorly educated young men, they typically gang up on a girl and if they consider they can get away with it, they will sexually molest, tear her clothes off and sometimes rape her.

The current story

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