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Removing Stigma from Pleasure:

Or What kind of a Woman Actually Pays For a Sensual Massage?

Delightful pleasure

Delightful pleasure

Self care is associated with valuing one’s self and we all know men and women who do nothing for themselves. They spend their lives seeking validation through shopping, self deprivation, self neglect and caring for others.

But there is a healthy level of self care that does not necessarily have to be expensive, but it involves effort and supports the nurture, and upkeep of one’s own mental and emotional health,  physical health and appearance.

This includes personal grooming: hair, clothes make-up, skin, nails and yes, sexuality. Sexuality is an integral part of an adult’s total make up, when it is neglected then a piece is missing.  

Many professional women have taken to using male escorts for stress release and relaxation in a similar way as men do. But this is sometimes a little too confronting and it’s not always very satisfying and another solution is massage.

When it’s done well, there’s nothing quite like a good massage because it eases out the tightness from the muscles and instills a sense of relaxation and well-being. You probably know that just having a back rub feels nice, but have you ever dared to have a complete full body massage?

By a full body massage, I simply mean having your entire body massaged excluding your genitals and it’s a massage without any sexual content. This is a far healthier option than just having a back rub or a foot and facial in a beauty clinic that will leave you feeling good for many days afterwards.

Then we come to sensual massage. Well, all massage is sensual and all around the world sensual massage is just a term used to describe any erotic or sexy massage. Life would be simpler if people just spoke the facts instead of dressing up. Anyhow, the question here is what kind of a woman actually pays for a sexual massage?

These women come from all walks of life, but one thing in common is that they value themselves and they appreciate how great they feel after a good massage and an orgasm or two.  However what is shared is that they are proactive when it comes to self growth, they desire more for themselves, more within their relationships, and have taken responsibility for their own pleasure.

They are not passive victims, waiting for a fantasy white knight to save them (whilst reading 50 Shades of Grey) or bitterly eschewing men and sex due to past negative experience. They are passionate seekers who value pleasure and the freedom it brings.

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