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Alcohol Related Harm

And how to resolve this problem


The concern of authorities in most countries and what is most talked about in the media is the harm associated with illegal drugs such as cannabis, heroin and the new synthetic drugs. The authorities in most countries have accepted that tobacco is harmful to human health and they are beginning to do something about it, yet many

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And the Tragedy of Western Civilisation

Alcohol has been a part of our civilisation for a very long time and it is generally thought that the discovery of alcohol was an accident because someone noticed that when grain is left in a wet state, fermentation occurs and alcohol is produced.

If we step back into antiquity, we know that bread and beer were currencies

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Piper methysticum

Commonly known as ’awa (in Hawai’i), yaqona (in Fiji), kavakava, intoxicating pepper, ava and gea, Kava may have originated in Indonesia, but was distributed throughout the Pacific in pre-European times, where it is still commonly used. It is the national drink of Fiji, where it is drunk in a similar manner to alcohol for its tranquillizing effects.

However, in Samoa it is still

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