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The Power of Mushrooms

A super food

Delicious button mushrooms

Mushrooms and toadstools are the flowering and reproductive parts of a fungi that lives underground. Their roots can spread over great distances and while some mushrooms and toadstools are poisonous, many a delicious and make a nice addition to our meals.

There is another class of mushrooms which are labelled as magic or psychedelic, when these are ingested

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Golden Rice

Poison in disguise

Over 1/2 the world population relies onrice as a staple food

Protesters against GE have regularly torn up GE crops all over the world and in August 2013, farmers in the Philippines destroyed 1000 square metres of Golden Rice – a variety created to reduce vitamin A deficiency in fear that it will contaminate their traditional rice crops.

If you have

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The Garlic You Eat

Do you know what you are eating?

Garlic is native to central Asia and it has been in use for more than 7,000 years. It is celebrated for its flavour and the way it complements foods.

It has long been a staple in the Mediterranean region and a frequent seasoning in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Commonly it is grown in home gardens and for the

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A plant vital for good health

Tumeric powder that is cooked before use

The colloquial name for turmeric is halad or haldi and its botanical name is Curcuma longa. Turmeric is a perennial herb with short and thick stem and multiple branches with unforgettable aromatic smell. The stems are underground (called rhizomes) and have food, medicinal as well as ritual value.

Turmeric is regularly

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Medicinal and Culinary Herbs

Nature provides for all our needs

Herbs are a gift from nature, they are often included in our diet, used as medicine and more often mimicked by scientists to make many of our modern drugs. The definition of a herb is broad and can almost include any plant.

Herbs are often foods and food additives to give colour and flavour, and they include a wide

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Organic Flax Seed Oil

A Rich Source of Omega-3 & 6:

Physiological and clinical research has shown that the majority of western diets are deficient in the Omega-3 essential fatty acids A deficiency of Omega-3 can he implicated in:

Coronary Heart Disease: A large number of studies have shown that oils containing Omega-3 can have a number of beneficial effects in the prevention and treatment of

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The foods we eat

Origin, purpose and value

Foods have sustained not only mankind, but all life on Earth since life began. Our foods are classified by the nutrients that they provide; i.e. meats, fish, pulses, seeds and nuts provide proteins, grains (starches) provide energy while fruits and vegetables provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These foods when eaten in various combinations have different effects.

“Let food be

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A toxic growth enhancer

Ractopamine hydrochloride which is also commonly known as Paylean, is a food additive that shifts energy use from fat growth to increasing muscle fibre diameter and the growth of lean muscle protein. It increases carcass leanness, dressing percent, feed efficiency and the rate of weight gain adding about $5 per hog (an much more for beef) to the producers profits.


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Milk a Food or toxin?

How Do We Decide

By Tim Triche, Jr

I came across an article recently which solidified a lot of what I have been reading lately (in between studying and working out a lot to kill the stress) about calcium, phosphorus, excretion studies, and Haversian system degeneration from calcium loss. I’m disturbed by what I’ve seen in the journals and scientific literature, and before anyone dares

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Nuts & Seeds

Essential protein and primary nutrition

Without getting to deep into the word meanings, lets simply use this definition; a nut is the seed of any fruit and a seed is an embryonic plant enclosed in a covering called the seed coat or husk, usually with some stored food. In other words, nuts and seeds carry the fertilised genetic information and nutrition necessary to grow into

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