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Tongkat Ali

Also known as Eurycoma and Longifolia Jack

Tongkat Ali is a tall slender shrub which grows wild along the hilly slopes of the rainforests of S.E.Asia and in Malaysia it is sometimes referred to as the ‘herb of a hundred healing qualities’ by the people of south-east Asia. It has of late been identified as also having unique male sexuality improvement qualities.

Research has shown

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Salvia Officinalis

Sage before flowering

There are many sage varieties and here we are referring to White sage, a common culinary herb native to Southern Europe, but now cultivated worldwide. Its botanical name, Salvia, stems from the Latin “Salvere” – “to be in good health, cure or save”. This indicates the wide range of beneficial effects the herb has:

Healing uses: Sage is anti-fungal,

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A plant vital for good health

Tumeric powder that is cooked before use

The colloquial name for turmeric is halad or haldi and its botanical name is Curcuma longa. Turmeric is a perennial herb with short and thick stem and multiple branches with unforgettable aromatic smell. The stems are underground (called rhizomes) and have food, medicinal as well as ritual value.

Turmeric is regularly

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The health benefits of fragrance

The fragrance of Rosemary enhances memory.

Aromatherapy came about when a French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse seriously burned himself one day while working in his lab. Gattefosse thrust his burnt hand and arm into a container of pure lavender oil and gained almost instant relief.

But not only that, in the days that followed, his hand did not present

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Herbal or Botanical Medicine

Natures medicines

Herbal or Botanical Medicine is the use of herbs (plants) for disease prevention and restoration of health.

Herbs and other plants have been used as medicines in most cultures and civilisations throughout history, either as single entities or as complex mixtures of several herbs or of herbs and other substances.

Modern medicine (pharmacology) grew from herbal medicines and to save costs and /

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Kalonji – Black Cummin

Nigella sativa L

Kalonji is also widely known as kalonji or nigella, but also, less commonly for Bunium persicum (Boiss.) B. Fedtsch of the family Apiaceae. Kalonji is cultivated across Asia from Italy to Indonesia and is a popular remedy for many common symptoms.

Providing relief from many ailments, Kalonji is a herbal/bush which grows to about 500mm high producing blue flowers and black seeds

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Plantago ovata

The Asian name for isapghula is iasapgol and it’s famous by the name spogel seeds or fleaseeds. Isapghula is a small and short herb with narrow leaves, minute flowers and oval fruits. When it ripens, the upper half of the fruit burst opens and the seeds see air. These seeds, also known as fleaseeds are white in colour, sweetish in taste and have

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Ginger in Ayurveda

Zingiber officinalis

Known in India as zingiber adrak or aale, ginger is a perennial herb. It has irregular, underground, branched stems, which are juicy, shiny, yellowish, with threads inside, unevenly thick and tough. It has a characteristic fragrance when shredded or cut. It can be used in fresh or dried form. Fresh ginger called adrak and dried ginger is soonth.

Ginger is known for its

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Zingiber officinalis

Also known as zingiber, Ginger is a potent culinary spice, often used for extra flavour in both sweet and savoury dishes. The root is the active component, which is widely available, both fresh and dried. A rich source of vitamin C, it also contains vitamin A along with magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Healing properties: A ginger bath is a very healing experience. It

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Garlic in Ayurveda

Garlic or lasoon

The colloquial (India) name of Garlic is lasoon, while its botanical name being Allium Sativum. Garlic is an erect, underground herb belonging to the onion family. Garlic is very commonly used as a spice in many Indian recipes. It is believed that garlic adds to taste of the food as well as it helps in making them digestible.

Garlic is grown as

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