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"The psychological survives, nourishes and flourishes on the past. The existential is of the now." ~ Sadhguru"


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Caring for Your DNA

The core of our creation

We have an old saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” This phrase is most usually applied to our level of fitness and strength which is declining due to all our modern conveniences and modern lifestyle.

There is growing evidence that our genetics and our DNA is influenced and can even be changed by our lifestyle, our way

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The Origins of Marriage

How we came to be and what is best

In Europe before 1100 A.D. people wanting to join together for fun, to raise a family and what might be seen as marriage just got on with it. But with the growth of European civilisation there was a problem surrounding inheritance and being absolutely sure the ‘right’ child was being left the family fortune, because in

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Male Reproduction

The Human Male Reproductive System

The human male reproductive system is made up of a number of organs which are located both inside and outside of the body in the lower front pelvic region. On this page you can learn the anatomy and technical names of all your bits.

Male Reproductive System

The testes which produce sperm The penis which delivers sperm to fertilise

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Lawsonia inermis

Temporary body decoration with henna

The Indian name for henna is mehendi, it’s a medium sized multiple branching shrub with small pinkish white flowers in bunches. The leaves, flowers, seeds and bark of the plant are the useful parts and are used for medicinal as well as cosmetic purposes. When crushed, the leaves leave a fragrant and pleasant smell behind. Leaves are

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Support to regulate your periods or periods, ease menopausal symptoms and improve your Libido

Always ready

While life changes and medications often affect sexual desire, a diminishing sex drive may also be a symptom of a developing health problem or stress.

It is well known that excessive stress dulls sex, and a diminished sex drive is often an initial stress symptom along with vaginal

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Understanding Menopause

A time of change

Menopause is one of the major changes that happens in every woman’s life. It begins when the ovaries reduce production of oestrogen and progesterone which causes biological processes in the body to change.

Medically, menopause is defined as the time after 12 months have passed since your last period. It is a biological process, not a medical illness, which involves a

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Menstrual Cramps

And period pain

Menstrual cramps are known medically as dysmenorrhea and this is one of the biggest problems facing the modern woman. Complementary health professionals consider it to be a symptom of malnutrition and a poor lifestyle.

The Western medical system however considers menstrual cramps to be a serious medical condition that can be capitalised on. So before you rush off to your doctor,

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Sometimes dismissed as heavy periods

Endometriosis is a women’s reproductive health (gynaecological) problem where the inner mucous membrane (the endometrial cells of the uterus’s inside lining) grow outside of the uterine cavity causing symptoms from mild discomfort to chronic pain and infertility.

It’s thought that about ten percent of women suffer from this notoriously painful condition, that many describe as being more intense than child

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Having a Pelvic Exam

Is not an invasion of privacy

You may be worried about taking a pelvic exam and it’s normal to feel anxious or embarrassed about it. But there’s no need to be once you know that it is a simple procedure that usually doesn’t hurt and takes only a few minutes.

A “pelvic exam,” also called “gynecological exam,” is a way for your health care provider

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Not tonight darling, I’m too knackered

Andropause was once a new age buzz word, but now the medical establishment has come to terms with it. Because like women who menstruate or experience symptoms accompanying menopause; men go through similar changes and the term has stuck.

Sure, men can reproduce later in years than women (there are cases of men having children in their 80s!), but

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