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"The psychological survives, nourishes and flourishes on the past. The existential is of the now." ~ Sadhguru"


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Who Should you Love?

Navigating life, love and marriage

These days many of us grow up with the idea that we will fall in love and live happily ever after, but if we have any awareness of the world, this idea seems increasingly fragile and even improbable. When growing up, most of our parents argued and if you are a parent, it’s likely that you also argue with

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What is Sexy?

A symptom of health and vitality

I know I am sexy, I love to enjoy and share my own sexiness, but it does not mean that I am being sexual or inviting sexual attention.

The consensus of many dictionaries defines sexy and sexiness as a person or a something that is considered pleasing or attractive in a sensual or sexual context. This is a

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Family Violence and Child Abuse

A personal and social disorder

This is a problem arising out of our failure to be completely human. Some people say it’s stress that causes some individuals to buckle and take out their frustration on family members.

Once upon a time there were societies and indeed civilisations that learned to cooperate with nature. They had the right number of children and produced sufficient food

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Sex and the Human Condition

A state of confusion about how to behave

We only come into this world following the act of sexual copulation and it is a biological driver that helps to ensure the continuation of our species.

But in this modern age as in some ages before, there is a great deal of confusion about the act of sex and sexuality. Typically, young people will begin to

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The Importance of Sex

In today’s insane world

When we consider relationships, affairs, one-night stands, emergency sex and marriages, what is the right way to go?

All these words mean more or less the same type of link between two persons. The only difference lies in the time the two spend together, in what they do together and in the details that give a distinct personality to their

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Tantra defined

Path To Enlightenment or Sexual Freedom?

A Tumblr image

Tantra for most people is seen as something vague and mysterious from the East, so what are the origins of Tantra?

No one is sure exactly when tantra first appeared on the world stage. It seems probable that it was introduced about the same time as the first yoga teachings were given some 15,000 years

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Creating the passion for pleasure

An aphrodisiac is anything that increases sexual desire.

So literally an aphrodisiac can be a food, a drug, a nutritional supplement, a drink, an image, music or even an idea because the mind plays an important role in facilitating one’s love life and bolstering libido.

Aphrodisiacs are either used to bolster a flagging libido, or to seek out extreme heights

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His Libido

Sexual Desire and Ability

When libido is strong and the personality balanced, the whole family is happy

Libido, the desire and the ability to have sex is something we often take for granted and we expect it always to be there. But millions of men today suffer from a lack of sexual interest and when the opportunity for sex arises, either a man

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I Want My Sex Drive Back

Where the f**k did you loose it?

Are you dealing with a waning libido that is leaving you less and less interested in sex? Or worse… has your sex drive gone altogether? Lets look at this: A strong sex drive is indicative of a healthy body and mind, so if you’ve lost your sex drive and not just left it with

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Sex Talk

Discovering the basis of our mating games

Sex is most people understand is the act of having sex, coupling or having intercourse however you like to describe it. But we also like to think of sex as being something sexy but sex is not always sexy. Quite often sex is something purely functional, it releases stress and maintains the bonds in relationship’s. sexuality,

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