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"The psychological survives, nourishes and flourishes on the past. The existential is of the now." ~ Sadhguru"


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Workaholism, Leisure and Pleasure

A destroyer of life

by Sam Vaknin

The official working week has been reduced to 35 hours a week in France. In most countries in the world, it is limited to 45 hours a week. The trend during the last century seems to be unequivocal: less work, more play.

Yet, what may be true for blue collar workers or state employees – is not necessarily

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Cumulative Trauma Injuries

Stress Disorders

Referred to as Occupational Over Use (OOS), Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

The painful symptoms of OOS, RSI and CTS are most common in the hands, arms and shoulders, and to some extent the upper back and neck. These conditions or syndromes have been the focus of much attention in recent decades due to suggestions that they are

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